For Those in Peril

‘For Those in Peril’ was a series of things that came about through my father’s wartime experiences. I was also interested in chance encounters. My father was sunk by the greatest of the U-Boat commanders – a guy called Wolfgang Luth who went on the longest submarine voyage in history and sank a whole lot of ships in the Indian Ocean, including my dad! My father never spoke about it but I became fascinated by this and did some research. I wrote to the War Office and got a report that my father had written about the sinking. I found out more about Luth. He was made the Captain of the German Submarine School and after doing all these incredibly dangerous things in the war he was accidentally shot dead by a sentry on night in the school grounds. Chance encounters – being in the right or the wrong place at the right time or the wrong time. I got interested in that.

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