The Jackets

I’ll tell you how the jackets came about. The band had a road manager and a transit. Going up and down the M1 all the time sounds glamorous but it can be hell. If you’re in a van with six lunatics… I couldn’t read because it was a gang of blokes having a good time but I thought that I had to do something. At first I wasn’t making them for anyone else. I brought an ordinary Wrangler jacket and I taught myself needlework. Embroidery is more associated with women who might copy a Constable painting or whatever but I was interested I the rock side of things. My first was a Thunderbolts design. I did them around song titles and flamboyant performers like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Heroes. One thing led to another. I’m working on a Mozart one at the moment. They take a bit of a time to do but it’s a good thing to do in what for most people would have been dead time – on trains, for instance. When I do them for other people, I say the first thing I want to know is about you. I want you to write down everything you lime and everything you hate. I want to know what makes you tick.

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