Join Together

“Pete’s sidekick and guitarist Tom “The Coalman” Nordon, was another great friendship made then.  He is the most patient and help full guitarist I ever worked with.  The other CAB’s were Pete’s Jane and kids Jo and Kate, Tom’s Chrissie, bass player Rudy Dellos and drummer Dave Taylor.  The album was duly completed, and sat on the great rock and roll shelf of wondrous dreams ‘til now, a mere 30 years later.  No time at all really.  All great art has to kind of gestate for a while, look at Vincent (van Gogh, not Gene, dummy)  one picture sold in a whole lifetime.

So to the point at last.  Here it is.  Not just the CAB album, but we decided to make it a sort of audio history of that period of about five years from ’77 to ‘82, and as you will see, if you want to tag along, we had some weird and wonderful times, great and glorious mirth, drunken revels, tears, (mostly of joy, some of wonder) and always underpinned by the music, which, thankfully was never dictated by what was in the charts.”

Tom Newman (source: sleevenotes from the album  ‘Join Together’)

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